Mark Murray


Jas - Tattoo Artist, Angelic Hell, Brighton

Jas has been a member of the Angelic Hell Tattoo team since 2009. Managing the shop and overseeing reception staff, Jas is also a trained laser technician and offers Laser Tattoo Removal & Reduction at the studio. To enquire about laser removal, please send an email marked FAO Jas, including pictures of your existing tattoo, using our contact page.


Sergio - Tattoo Artist, Angelic Hell, Brighton

Sergio began piercing in 1999 in his home country, Portugal. After relocating to the UK in 2012, Sergio joined the team at Angelic Hell Tattoo and has firmly secured his position as one of Brighton’s best body piercers. With many years of experience, Sergio is calm, friendly, and knowledgeable. Angelic Hell are proud to offer a wide variety of body piercings; please see the list below for details and pricing.

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Dan started tattooing 10 years ago after completing an 18-month apprenticeship in his hometown of Kent. After joining Angelic Hell Tattoo in 2013, Dan developed a strong interest in contemporary tribal tattooing which has shaped his portfolio today. Dan particularly enjoys working in Polynesian, Samoan and Marquesan styles, and is also keen to tattoo pieces with Navajo and Mehndi motifs.


EJ - Tattoo Artist, Angelic Hell, Brighton

Ej began tattooing in 2010 after completing her apprenticeship in Dover, Kent. After joining the team at Angelic Hell Tattoo in 2013, Ej has developed a strong portfolio and is able to turn her hand to a variety of styles. Ej would be keen to tattoo more Japanese and Traditional pieces.


Christos - Tattoo Artist, Angelic Hell, Brighton

Christos began tattooing in Athens, Greece. After relocating to Brighton, Christos joined the crew at Angelic Hell Tattoo full time and has since developed his unique Neo-Traditional style. With roots in black and grey and colour realism, Christos can turn his hand to almost any style of tattooing. Christos is a keen painter and always has reams of new artwork ready to be tattooed at the shop.