Morgan Evans is a young English tattoo artist specialised in realism. His black and grey style has that Californian twist mixed with some dark horror movie influence


Livia M. Zaidan started tattooing 2 years ago in Brazil, after completing her apprenticeship. She used to have her own studio there and now she has joined the Angelic Hell London team as a resident artist.

Livia’s main style is florals with dot work but she is also very fond of tiny letterings and delicate tattoos


Tattoo Artist, Angelic Hell, Brighton


Tattoo Artist, Angelic Hell, Brighton


Christina joined the Angelic Hell London team mid October of 2017. She joined as the receptionist and has used her past customer service skills to provide customers with well informed information about tattoos and piercings to deliver the best service. She has also undergone her piercing apprenticeship under careful supervision of Francieli, who is the resident piercer and manager of the Angelic Hell London studio.


Francieli began piercing 6 years ago, after her apprenticeship in Denmark. She joined the team at Angelic Hell London beginning of 2015, when she also got the management and reception of London shop.

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Marcos Franke started tattooing 11 years ago, after completing his apprenticeship, part in Brazil in his hometown, and another part in King’s Cross, London. He joined the team Angelic Hell London beginning of 2015 as a full time artist.

Marcos main style is Black and grey and lettering. But he can turn hi hand to almost any style, as he really like doing some traditional and colourful pieces. He also has great skills and enjoy the challenge of doing some cover ups.



Sergio - Tattoo Artist, Angelic Hell, Brighton

Sergio began piercing in 1999 in his home country, Portugal. After relocating to the UK in 2012, Sergio joined the team at Angelic Hell Tattoo and has firmly secured his position as one of Brighton’s best body piercers. With many years of experience, Sergio is calm, friendly, and knowledgeable. Angelic Hell are proud to offer a wide variety of body piercings; please see the list below for details and pricing.

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Christos - Tattoo Artist, Angelic Hell, Brighton

Christos began tattooing in Athens, Greece. After relocating to Brighton, Christos joined the crew at Angelic Hell Tattoo full time and has since developed his unique Neo-Traditional style. With roots in black and grey and colour realism, Christos can turn his hand to almost any style of tattooing. Christos is a keen painter and always has reams of new artwork ready to be tattooed at the shop.